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 Christmas Dried Fruit Compote

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PostSubject: Christmas Dried Fruit Compote   Christmas Dried Fruit Compote Icon_minitimeFri Dec 18, 2009 6:37 pm

Serves 8 People.

This, if you like, is all the Christmas pudding flavours without the pudding. It is light, fragrant and very fruity. Serve it well chilled with some lightly whipped cream or - better still - with cinnamon ice cream.

4 oz (110g) no-soak dried apricots
4 oz (110g) no-soak dried figs, halved
4 oz (110g) no-soak prunes
4 oz (110g) raisins
2 oranges
10 fl oz (275ml) cold water
12 fl oz (350ml) tawny port

to serve:
2 oz (50g) sliced almonds, lightly toasted

First of all rinse the apricots, figs and prunes under cold, running water, then place them in a large saucepan.
Next scrub one of the oranges, slice it into very thin rounds, and cut each round into four.
Add these, together with the raisins, to the rest of the fruit in the pan, pour in the cold water and simmer (covered) for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile squeeze the juice from the other orange and, when the fruit is cooked, stir in the orange juice and the port.
Leave the compote to cool and, before serving, chill in the refrigerator for 24 hours so all the flavours can develop. Serve sprinkled with the toasted nuts.
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Christmas Dried Fruit Compote
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