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 Orange Chocolate Smoothie

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PostSubject: Orange Chocolate Smoothie   Orange Chocolate Smoothie Icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2009 4:38 pm

All this talk about chocolate (well ok white chockie) got me experimenting today - I discovered you can mix orange juice with chocolate soy milk and it doesn't curdle! It makes sense though, since soy is plant based and milk is...well milk (animal) and it curdles when mixed w/anything acidic. In fall I love the combination of orange and chocolate. If you haven't tried Terry's Chocolate Orange (milk or dark chocolate orange balls) you gotta! I make orange slices dipped in dark chocolate at Christmas time as well. Anyhooooo here's the recipe - it's great if you are calorie concious too - takes care of the craving without all the calories cheers

Feel free to experiment with this to get it the way you like it:

1/2 banana (I freeze mine to add bulk and coolness to the drink)
1/2 cup orange juice
yogurt or kefir yogurt to suit
fill the rest up with chocolate soy milk (most grocery stores carry this in their organic section or I get mine at Trader Joe's)
Add a little sweetener like sugar or whatever to suit (I use honey or agave syrup)
Blend and enjoy!

Variation - the one I made today also included a couple of chunks of frozen mango and blueberries (my summer crop which I froze some - Yummy) and some raspberry Kefir. Mixed that up as above including the banana for a thick tastey smoothie.

Enjoy! Feel free to play with this recipe - can't mess this one up lol!

For a hot variation - if you like hot chocolate just use regular soy milk (or the chocolate soy milk) with your chocolate mix instead of milk or even almond milk and some orange juice - it won't curdle with the fruit. Then add some yummy cinnamon and vanilla and you have yourself a fine cup of hot orange chocolate! Delicious for chilly fall and winter afternoons!
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Orange Chocolate Smoothie
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